Oh beloved can you see it, what God wants from us? Can you feel the urgency of His heart. The gifting He wants to bestow upon us is overwhelming. I can feel the presence of God so strongly and hear His voice so clearly. It is as though the Lord is cheering me on and on and on. Saying go, go, go; you’ve got it, you’ve got it, now use it; use it for My glory! Bring those who are lost in from the highways and byways that they may know Me as well. Find that which is lost and restore it. Bring them that are lame to My house and see to their healing. Seek out those who are afraid and show them the power of My love.

Those who cower, encourage them with My word. Those who faint, carry their load; to those who are in need, provide for them. My hand is not waxed short, I can deliver. I am the Rock of your salvation and your exceeding great reward. My joy is your strength and My peace is your guide. I am sending you out into a land to establish freedom for the people. I am not sending you alone but have chosen you to lead. Those who are going with you already know and will follow you as though it were Me. I have written in their hearts their marching orders to follow and serve. I am sending you to the nations to stand before kings and sages, before presidents and governors, before those in the highest seats in the land to deliver My word. I will compass you about with My favor and My hand will guide you into all truth. My words will be yes and amen and those who hear your voice and come after you will see the glory of the Lord. There are those that will reject your words and come against your voice but fear not for I am God. Know above all things that they rejected My only begotten and yet He fulfilled His destiny and so shall you fulfill yours. Do not be afraid or back down from any man for I am with you where ever you shall go. I will not harden their hearts but will allow their choice to be final. I give you charge and the authority to be My voice in the lands to be a deliverer like has not been seen. Your are not sent to judge but to call to repentance. You are not sent to condemn but teach My word. I send you forth with My power in your care and I charge you to use it with all your understanding. Do not be slow to share My given authority and power to those in your care. I have searched your whole heart and you have been found worthy in My sight to receive this task.

Consider your ways and walk circumspectly before Me. I am your God and there is no other. I am a jealous God and will have no other god before Me. You are sent to teach others to throw down their idols and worship Me to have a crown in glory to cast at My feet. I have called you a prophet, yes a priestly prophet, even a priestly prophet to the nations. You shall share My gospel with love and peace not with fear and terror. Show the goodness of My heart to the people that they are not afraid to approach Me. My heart cries out… come, come , come unto Me and I will give you rest. Far too long have My people labored in vain and it is now time for freedom to come to them that they might come and worship Me at My footstool. It is time, my son , for the cares of this world to be in the shadows instead of Me. Abide in My word and behold how it will unfold before you. You gave yourself fully to Me so I will establish you in this season and the seasons to come. Take My yoke upon you and know that I am God. My ways are easy to those who love Me and impossible to those who know Me not. I am come that you might have the abundant life and I say unto you in this time, ask what you will and prove Me. See for yourself that I am the giver of all good gifts and there is none like Me. I am the Tree of Life and any who choose to eat thereof shall live forevermore. Bring them in, My son and make disciples in all nations. I have placed within your heart a detailed drawing of the facility that will draw thousands upon thousands to its doors that they may come in and learn from Me. The world will have nothing to do with this place because it hates My people, Israel but your heart is to see My glory come down upon My people and bring into the fullness of My Beloved Son. There will be mockers and scoffers who will laugh and jeer at what you are doing, where you are going, and what you are saying but, I tell you the truth they will have their reward. I will bring help in time of need and you shall marvel at its coming. You shall say unto the god of this world, “let My people go” and shall behold captivity taken captive, for I Am the LORD your God. You shall dance before Me and sing praises unto My name forevermore. I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb and I called you Request prophetic word, king, and priest. I have nurtured you all the days of your life and have kept My hand upon you and have set you apart for this purpose…to establish My NAME everywhere you go. I have brought you into this world for a time such as this. A time when the earth groans for the emergence of the sons of God. This is that time and you are that son.

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