For most of us around the world we know April Fools day to be a day of pranks and trickery. It can be great fun to trick someone into believing something that isn’t true. James Randi however takes this one step further and what many may not know is that April Fools day is also the day that the Pigasus Award is announced.

The Pigasus Award has gone as far back as 1979 and is given annually by James Randi who is a noted skeptic of psychic energy. The award seeks to expose paranormal, parapsychological or psychic frauds that have been noted over the previous year. Appropriately given on the first of April, Randi awards the trophy to candidates chosen by himself from a list of nominees.

The trophy has been noted as being a stainless steel spoon bent in a curve and supported by a plastic base. It is flimsy at best and done so on purpose. There is also a plaque with a flying pig on it. Randi has stated sarcastically that the winners are published immediately after being announced on April Fools Day 2022 Fools and are notified telepathically. He has also said that the famous Flying Pig trophies are sent via psychokinesis and if not received then it is probably due to their lack of paranormal talent.

Though the Pigasus awards are not done every year, there is a long list of recipients spanning from 1979 including famed psychics Nostradamus, John Edward, Sylvia Browne and Allison DuBois. The White House has also been a winner. For a complete list of other famous recipients visit Wikipedia and search Pigasus Award.

April Fools day may be a day of pranks and laughter for some. For James Randi however it is an opportunity to ridicule some poor unsuspecting person or institution that he feels has promoted fraudulent paranormal claims. To all of us who are believers in psychic energy – beware of the Pigasus award! As an April Fools day joke from Randi, it may telepathically wind up on your doorstep.

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