Ceramic tiles and stones are widely popular as a result of their adaptable and attractive characteristics. Most times these tiles are used in bathrooms and kitchens where back splashes are common installments but they are also often integrated into bedrooms, hallways and even living rooms. Ceramic tiles and stones are easy to maintain. They may require sealant every couple of years and if they are installed correctly they will be virtually water proof. There are also a wide variety of cleaning products for ceramic tiles and stones that will keep them looking like new for years to come.

Ceramic tiles or murals add an elegant flair to any home setting. Ceramic tiles and stones can be painted by hand or can be purchased with interesting and unique images and designs. The choices are endless. They are normally hand crafted by designers and artists with perfection and fluidity. Their designs may range from cultural colors and shapes to ancient portrayals of mankind. There are even those that follow a particular theme, say for a bathroom or kitchen. Then there are those that are blank which can be painted by homeowners to match their style and taste.

Decorative tile murals are commonly hand painted and fired in a kiln. Firing will add permanence to the paint so it will not fade, wash, rub off or even be affected by heat. If they are used as back splashes in kitchens they are going to be prone to splashes of hot oil, foods and liquids. In bathrooms they will also have to withstand constant moisture. However, they will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Creative individuals who are looking to decorate an area in ceramic tile murals will be able to find and purchase Tiles at a low and affordable cost. Tiles direct from the artist may cost a bit more but buying them in bulk from a hardware store could save a lot of money. The downside to this aspect of decorative tile murals is that they may not be as unique since they are widely available to others. However, there is a way to purchase less expensive ceramic tiles and stones and make them your own. Breaking or smashing tiles into smaller pieces then rearranging them in a unique fashion has become a trend in many homes. Highly creative individuals can also purchase assorted tiles in many different colors and hues and rearrange them into an attractive image.

Ceramic tiles and stones are exceptionally durable having been used successfully throughout ancient Rome. It is most ideal for areas of high traffic because it is both strong and resistant. Ceramic tiles and stones were initially used in a utilitarian way as a result of their functional characteristics. They then began to be used as designs and creative art pieces when Romans discovered how captivating and attractive these tiles were. It is good to remember that ceramic tiles and stones are not crack resistant and may develop breaks and splits over time. Once they are repaired with sealant they will however last longer than both hardwood and stone flooring. Additionally, they will add a level of spice and flair to any home.

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