With spring in bloom outside, it’s as easy as adding beautiful, fresh flowers inside to enliven your home and decorate for Easter. Easter decorating doesn’t have to be all about ceramic bunnies and plastic eggs. In fact, flowers are a natural way to add color and set the mood for a joyful Easter and spring season inside your home.

Select flowers that you love and consider the style of your home and the mood you want to create when decorating with flowers. Give some thought to the containers you’ll use too. You can leave it all to a professional florist to create the perfect custom Happy Easter floral arrangement or you can buy fresh spring flower bouquets and create your own Easter flower arrangements.

Flowers and their containers can add a welcome hit of color inside. You can decorate for Easter by using boldly colored blooms in neutral rooms. Fiery orange is hot this spring, so try adding orange flower bouquets into these rooms and see how the flowers pop against the neutral colored backdrop and set a festive tone for Easter. If you prefer neutral hued flowers in your neutral rooms but you still want to add a hit of color, do it by placing white or cream flowers into colorful vases. Imagine how fun white orchids would look in a hot pink container.

If on the other hand, introducing bright bold color is not how you see yourself decorating for Easter then maintain a calm feeling by using white, cream or pastel colored flowers set in neutral or clear glass vases. White Easter lily plants, in neutral containers placed throughout your home will create a cohesive and fresh feel for Easter. In rooms with walls of color, add flowers in complementary hues for big impact. For example, in a room painted in a rich, historic green color, deep fuchsia colored daisies would really pop.

Remember to consider the container as another element of the complete flower decorating package. If you own an Easter themed cookie jar and you want to set a playful mood, then by all means add a vase of flowers inside the Easter container. You instantly have a sweet Easter centerpiece that will look adorable in a child’s bedroom, playroom or set on the kitchen table for Easter brunch.

In contemporary homes use sleek glass vessels to showcase boldly shaped flowers like spring lilies, orchids or hydrangeas. For a twist, traditional spring tulips look modern in a cube vase. In traditionally decorated homes, etched crystal vases or ornate containers make mixed spring flowers bouquets look right at home for Easter. Add a bowlful of hand-painted Easter eggs beside the traditional flower arrangement and you have created a really interesting focal point. Easter flowers placed in old pitchers, tins or even wooden containers look lovely in country styled homes.

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