Every presentation is unique. The ideas are unique. Is it possible to use readymade presentation templates to make your slides?

First, take a moment to get back to your childhood days. Do you remember how they used to make wooden furniture those days?

A team of carpenters would cut, drill and polish individual pieces of wood, to make a table or chair. It would take days of hard work. It was impossible to imagine making furniture any other way.

Nowadays, when you order a table over the internet, the table arrives in a cardboard box. You unpack and fit the various pieces in the boxes, to create a table in minutes. Modular furniture has changed our living rooms, our kitchen and our lives.

In the same way, it is possible to create high quality presentations by assembling relevant free powerpoint templates in a meaningful way. It only requires you to see your presentation as a set of ‘modules’. That is all.

Take a look at the slide decks you prepared in the last few presentations. You will notice that you used a set of standard ‘modules’ to make your presentation. You used an opening slide, an agenda, a process flow, a timeline, a transition slide etc. The content may have been different, but the modules remained more or less the same.

When you realize this simple fact, you can reduce your time for preparing your presentations and produce professional slides in a matter of minutes.

How to use templates in your presentations?

It is very simple. Start with your usual bullet point slides. See the way the points are related to each other. Is the relationship a process flow, a time line, a list? Then, choose an appropriate template from the template set. ‘Cut – Paste’ text from your bullet points to the simple diagrams in the templates.

Since the free ppt templates are professionally animated already, you can present your ideas in stages to avoid information overload. The whole process of transforming your bullet point slides into professional slides using templates – doesn’t take more than 15 minutes. But, the results are stunning.

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