It is in no doubt amazing that people find ways to solve the problems people are facing about battery life and charging. Laptops or also known as notebooks have very short battery life. Some reach up to four hours of battery life but some only reach up to thirty minutes. Yes! It is true! There are laptop batteries that can only function for thirty minutes. It will not even last during a forty five minute presentation. Now that is definitely frustrating. Good thing there are curious and intelligent scientists who have invented these amazing solar charger for notebooks.

There are many varieties of these solar charging devices to fit our needs and I will be discussing one type in this article and later on, I will teach you how to use these solar chargers to maximize the benefits you can receive from it.

One solar charging device for notebooks consist of fiber reinforced plastic or the FRP solar module and is built into a high quality ballistic nylon notebook sized binder. These solar chargers are made for your convenience for you to be able to bring it anywhere. It also has a shoulder strap for you to carry it without hassle and it comes with a container where you can store the cord after use.

What is beautiful with solar chargers for notebooks is that it can function not only as a charger for laptops but also for cell phones, MP3 players, ipods, PDAs, and digital cameras. Not only that, you can also use it to charge your car batteries. Just lay the solar charging device flat on the floor, attach the plug to your car and your car will be charged in no time.

Before plugging in the solar charger to your notebook, ready the cord and make sure that the solar charger is positioned in a way that it can capture as much sunlight it can get. Attach the plug into your device and wait for it to charge but usually it will start to recharge as soon as you plug in the solar charger.

The time of charging depends on how much the panels are exposed to the sun. Usually it will take several hours to a half day to completely charge your batteries but in some cases it will take more than one day for your batteries to reach its full charge; but since you will be using these for mostly for emergency purposes, you will not have to wait for you battery to be complete in order to use your device. What is important is that you have something to rely on during times where you need a charger and you are out of home.

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