Designer shades with optical grade lenses are important to protect our eyes from the sun. It stops eye fatigue, the squalor of your skin’s face and the degeneration of the muscles around the cataracts. Aside from giving you a push to your style, sunglasses give your eyes protection as well as taking care of the fragile areas around them. In wearing them, you must not only consider the style but protection as well.

The designer glasses by Ann Klein are exclusively intended for the female market. Wearing one makes a woman to be identified with the archetypal modern woman of today: a successful, career woman who is fashion conscious and likewise is quality-conscious and who goes for a comfortable and practical product that is sleek. The key elements in an Ann Klein Sunglasses for woman are the color both in plastics and metals. If you are aiming to get the ultimate in fashion, wear an Anne Klein shades.

Balenciaga sunglasses give you elegance and make you a class apart from the others. An embodiment of Parisian elegance, Balenciaga shades boast of futuristic and classical styles fitted to a bigger range of people. Leading the way in fashion, Balenciaga sunglasses offer a sophisticated range of glasses that every woman of today would want.

If you are the type of a woman who loves to explore in fashion, Juicy Couture will definitely satisfy your taste. This brand of shades has invaded the hearts of the younger set of fashionistas because of their ultra-chic style collection. Juicy Couture is considered the future of style for its over-sized frames containing rhinestone trimmings and their fun logos. They give you a hundred protections from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays.

Expensive brands such as Anne Klein, Balenciaga and Juicy Couture suit anyone who just loves to show off their opulence. There are other known brands of sunglasses for women, but these three will surely draw attention.

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