An estimated 40 million people will be on the road this year in an RV. That makes a Great Moveable Feast! Here are some tips for food, family and an affordable trip!

Are you camping with a large group? Who will be travelling with you? Tell whoever is organizing the event as soon as possible and get them a headcount so there is enough food for everyone. Prepare a great dish and make a lot of it! Instead of bringing several smaller dishes focus on one recipe, there is time to add special touches. Everyone will appreciate the extra effort that goes into sautéing fresh garlic and sourcing fresh chicken broth for some truly fabulous redskin mashed potatoes that will feed the whole crowd. Instead of wasting your resources trying to find ingredients for a fancy little appetizer that only a few get to enjoy, make a big hit! It’s also easier to transport – a large container, carefully wrapped and sealed, is easier and less messy to transport. This big pot of delicious mashed potatoes also stays hot much longer than a small one!

Many good recipe websites like adapt moveable feast recipes to the number of servings – use this tool – it really helps!

What would you like to bring? When deciding what to cook, consider casseroles and other savoury dishes that are easy to transport. Keep the three-tier artistic creations to take home. Avoid dishes that come straight from the oven or stove to the table. And stick to dishes that are more about taste and less about presentation. You can always bring a bag of pretty side dishes to add at the last minute. Consider fresh herbs, olives, or chopped nuts. Think cold appetizers, marinated salads, roasted vegetables, casseroles that can be quickly reheated, food that can be quickly grilled when you arrive or desserts that require minimal attention. Foods that are easy to prepare are important, especially for the first night when everyone is tired from a long day travelling.

Are you usually an early riser or famous for being late? Be honest here. If you know your family will need an extra hour to get out the door, don’t voluntarily bring appetizers! Bring the wine! If you’re an early riser, think about your hostess too—is she ready for guests? Join us to get ice cream or help set the table – and keep the kids busy so your host doesn’t have to try to get ready and entertain you at the same time.

How can you save money on your travels? A little forethought and effort can save you a lot of money when you travel. First, when planning your route, remember that heavy traffic and frequent stops use more gas. And sometimes the shortest route isn’t the most economical, meaning you might want to avoid this big city.

Research gas prices along your route before setting off. And if you have a smartphone, you can download apps that search for the cheapest gas on a route. Finally, before leaving, remove any ski, bike or luggage racks to further streamline your vehicle and avoid driving with open windows as they increase drag at high speeds. Since you’ll be driving far anyway, you might as well put the car on autopilot – not only does it make driving easier, but it also keeps your car at a constant speed, so you don’t waste gas on unnecessary acceleration.

Have a great time on your camping trip but travel safe!

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