Wigs are an artificial arrangement that can be used to conceal hair loss or balding. Wigs have been used for centuries though not always for their intended purpose. Initially wigs were made of animal hair. This was treated with special chemicals, which made them usable in wigs. They were artificially colored and were valued for their cosmetic value. People who wanted to try hair color and styles that were prevalent in other parts of the world. Women who were ranked chose to wear wigs to make them look different from commoners. Since avenues to enhance appearance were limited, wigs more often than not helped people change their looks. Women who sported long hair were socially accepted;braided wig hence women who did not resorted to wigs to acquire a desired look.

Over the years, people started making wigs from a number of synthetic materials as well as human hair that has been treated correctly. Synthetic wigs introduced new possibilities and designs. Such flexibility prompted the introduction of various colors, styles, lengths and braids. Wigs are fitted with easy to use elastic bands and tie up arrangements, which help secure them in place through the length of the day. People who have been affected by chronic ailments that result in hair loss may choose to wear wigs and resume their regular lifestyle while still coping with treatment.

Cosmetic wigs are used for theatrical performances. This helps recreate a certain look that is associated with a bygone era. Actors prefer to wear wigs when shooting for multiple films simultaneously. This helps them acquire different looks at the same time. Performers who are part of dance troupe, carnivals and events are constantly required to wear wigs that are well matched with their sequences. Professionals associated with detective and secret services may need to wear wigs in order to fit in to their new job sites. Wigs are available at salons, local and online stores.


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