Towing service is provided by private or public companies in order to either remove a vehicle from public or private road areas, to take a broken-down vehicle that is in need of some mechanical work, or can also be used as a long-distance shipping of a vehicle. These services are provided in almost all the parts of the world, for instance you could avail services of Milpitas towing in California. Anyone who has been in a situation where a broken-down vehicle refuses to budge even after too much effort, it is familiarize with the importance of a towing service. The towing refers to a process in which a vehicle is pulled or hauled with chain or any other mechanism in order to take it to the designated transported area. These different mechanisms used for towing classifies it to different types as mentioned below.


Tow Winch

This is mostly used method for towing in which a hook linked to a chain is attached to the towing truck is connected from the front of the vehicle that requires towing. However, this method has been considered as unpopular as it can damage a car as it is attached from the bumper and is lifted off the ground from the front. This towing style is mostly used for already damaged or accidented car or a one that is stuck somewhere.


Flatbed Towing

this also provide a safe transportation as the tow truck contains a flat platform on which a vehicle can be rested.


Hydraulic Towing

In such a method the weight of the vehicle is drawn upon a hydraulic arm hence evenly distributing it with a safety transportation.


Towing in closed container

As the name suggests, this kind of towing method contains a closed container tow truck that protects a vehicle from all the sides.

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