If you have ever had professional photos taken which included a makeover first, you probably were shocked at how good they made you look, then had a better understanding of how easy it is to make an aging face look younger with a good professional makeup job.

However that’s pretty unrealistic on a day-to-day basis because people don’t have the time to spend to get that sort of result.

The only way other than surgery, laser treatment or injections is to improve the internal structure of your skin so it is stronger and more elasticized, and the only way to do that I’m aware of is to build collagen and elastin levels in your dermal structural tissue layer.

Just in case you don’t understand what happens to your skins structure as you get older and it gets more damaged by environmental exposure particularly the suns UV rays, let’s briefly cover it.

Once you go past 25 years old the amount of collagen and elastin protein cells produced by your body reduces by approximately 1.5% per year. Therefore by 50 years of age you will produce nearly 40% less of these proteins than you were able to 25 years ago.

When you take this into consideration along with the free radical oxidation damage caused mainly by sun and the depletion of your hyaluronic acid levels, you can understand why your skin gets damaged, dries out and becomes wrinkled.

Some skin cream manufacturers in their advertising make the assumption that we are all dumb enough to believe that if we apply one of their super duper almost magical antiaging creams our wrinkles will all of a sudden lookingslick disappear overnight and our skin will look as youthful as it did when we were 25 years old.

I mean… do they really think we are all that naive?

There are no miracle anti-aging collagen creams that can make your aging face look younger. However on the other hand a natural anti-wrinkle cream, which includes ingredients, that are able to stimulate new collagen and elastin growth in your dermis structural layer can contribute to making your skin stronger, thicker and more elasticized.

By doing this you can reduce wrinkles — by how much is impossible to predict as each individual will get different results which can only be answered once you have used these ingredients for a few weeks at least.

I have been using collagen and elastin boosting ingredients for nearly 12 months now and have experienced about a 20% reduction in my deep facial wrinkles and nearer a 40% reduction in the puffy saggy bags under my eyes.

Based on my experience to date — my thinking now is that you can make your aging face look younger but only up to a certain extent, and you have to keep doing it on a continual basis otherwise your skin will quickly revert back to where it was before you started.

Don’t believe all the garbage these slick advertising gurus shove down your throat on a day-to-day basis about how miraculous their anti-aging products are — because most of them are not very effective at all.

If your interested to learn more about the anti-wrinkle cream ingredients I choose to use daily, which have helped to make my skin look a little bit younger and smoother, visit my website below.

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